Want a Successful Summer Landscape? Here’s How.

You want to maintain a healthy and inviting commercial property, even through the heat of the summer. And you want to present a professional image to tenants, visitors and employees, even when the thermometer is pushing triple digits.

Whether you manage a corporate campus, a commercial office property, or even a hotel or resort, it’s important to keep your trees, plants and turf looking their best.

Here are a few things you can do to insure a successful commercial landscape this summer:

Seasonal Cleanups

Just as important as it is to regularly clean your house to keep it tidy, it’s equally important to have your landscape service provider perform a seasonal cleanup of your commercial property’s landscape. Routine cleanups ensure that the landscape is cleared of debris – keeping the landscape pristine and healthy.

Scheduling a seasonal cleanup will also maintain the best possible look for your commercial landscape.

Take a look at our other blog post, “ Top Cleanup Services to Include in your Commercial Landscape Maintenance Contract” for a more comprehensive look at essential services that should be included in your regular landscape cleanup routine.

Turf Replacement & Maintenance

Turf aeration helps keep the soil underneath from compacting – which will keep roots healthy and help the soil retain it’s moisture throughout the summer.

It is also recommended to overseed your turf during this maintenance to fill any in patchy spots to keep your grass looking full and lush throughout the summer season.

Pest & Disease Control

When it comes to landscaping, the aesthetic aspect is generally given more attention than caring for the overall health of the landscape. Your property is an ecosystem that includes many different bugs, fungi and pests both big and small.

A trained professional will be able to identify any potential issues before long-term damage occurs on the property. They will help you decide whether it’s necessary to take action to treat pests or diseases, or whether the issue is something you should allow to clear up through more natural processes.

Let Us Set Your Property Up For Success

Your landscape is a major investment. It plays a huge part in presenting a professional image for your commercial property. And it takes the training and experience of a Landscape Professional to identify issues and set your commercial landscape up for success.

Contact our team at Yellowstone Landscape for a consultation with one of our landscape pros to get started!

Top Cleanup Services to Include in Your Commercial Landscape Maintenance Contract

It’s important to make sure that your property is in tip-top shape at all times, and that starts with your landscaping. Landscaping is the face of your commercial property, and it should be a top priority when it comes to your property’s upkeep and maintenance.

Maintaining your commercial landscape is important not only for its visual appeal, but for the health of your landscape.

Here are a few of the services that you should be including in your commercial landscape maintenance contract:

Lawn Maintenance

Maintaining the turf areas of your landscape keeps your property looking well-kept and professional. Your landscaping crew will start with a sweep of the property to remove any trash or other debris they find in your turf areas. Your landscaper should only use professional grade equipment and they should know how to operate it as safely and efficiently as possible.


Mulching is essential to the growth and health of plants and trees on your commercial property.

Mulch keeps weeds from growing to prevent root competition and helps retain water to keep roots moist. It also prevents soil compaction, and keeps the soil underneath insulated from extreme heat and cold.

Your commercial landscaping crew will ensure that all areas on the property are mulched properly to keep your trees and plants healthy, so your landscape’s planting beds and trees stay healthy and weed free.


Your turf requires a customized nutritional program to grow strong and stay healthy. Proper fertilizing will help keep your grass healthy, prevent the growth of unwanted weeds, and ultimately, will protect the long-term investment that you put into creating a beautiful commercial landscape at your property.

Different types of landscapes require a different types of fertilizers for use. Your commercial landscaping company has the expertise to recommend the right fertilizer for use, and suggest how often this service should be implemented.


Edging, both hard (against concrete surfaces) and soft (against planting beds) is a necessary clean-up service to give your landscape a neat and well manicured appreance. Edging also keeps your plant and flower beds tidy and in good shape, it keeps the soil and mulch in place, and prevents the grass from invading your planting beds.

Pruning & Cutback

Scheduling pruning and cutbacks as a part of your commercial landscape service will allow for the adequate air flow and sunlight necessary to keep your plants and trees healthy.

Regular pruning and cutbacks also protect the visitors and patrons of your property. Old, weak, and dead branches are dangerous, especially during the summer storm season. Fallen branches and debris impede access to sidewalks and roadways, creating a hazard that can easily be avoided. This is why it’s so important to consider this clean-up service to maintain the health and safety of your property’s landscape.

Schedule Your Commercial Property Inspection

Let our team of experts at Yellowstone Landscape inspect your commercial property and provide you with the right recommendations to both maintain and improve your landscape. Contact us today to get started.

The Accordion Effect

It’s one of the most common questions we’re asked when we start working with new clients.

How many people will you send out to our property at each landscape service visit?

If the previous landscaper had a 4-person crew servicing the site, and your landscape didn’t look the way you wanted it to, it’s logical to assume that throwing more people at the problem is the answer, right?

Not always. Here’s why:

Commercial landscape management is a seasonal business. There are things to be done in your landscape every month of the year, but in the spring and summer, the total number of hours spent at each property increases exponentially. That’s why at this time of year, all landscape companies are at our peak employee counts. At Yellowstone Landscape, for example, we grow by about 800 employees across all our branches at the peak of the summer.

Further complicating things, our work schedule is almost completely dependent upon the weather and the natural environment. Add in periods of drought, heavy rainfall, storms, pests and diseases in turf, trees, and plants, and the summer can seem to last forever. But if you’re a client of a commercial landscape management company, you still have every right to expect your landscape to be cared for and kept looking its best, no matter what challenges Mother Nature throws at us.

The quality of the landscape is a direct result of the organization, efficiency, and skill of the Landscape Professionals that you see working on your property. Not the sheer number of people you see working on a landscape crew.

We’ve seen it time and time again. Our crews start servicing a new property. The first couple of landscape service visits take a full, 8-hour day for a 4-person crew. But by the end of the second month, the same crew completes the job much, much faster than they did in the beginning. Their performance improves, not because they start cutting corners or stop being as careful as they were in the beginning. They get faster as they get more familiar with the landscape. When we schedule our crews to consistently service the same sites, week after week, productivity and quality improve naturally.

Another common misconception is that the crew that handles the mowing and detailing are the only members of our team that play a role in your commercial landscape management service program. In a comprehensive, professionally managed landscape service plan, your site will also be inspected by a superintendent or Account Manager on a weekly basis. They’ll also send out specially licensed and trained technicians to evaluate your irrigation system, and other specialists to apply nutrients, pest controls, and disease management products. Add in regular spot inspections by our local branch leaders and you may have twice as many people involved in the success of your landscape than you thought you had.

The number of staff may be a convenient measure of the value of the services you receive from your landscape service provider, but in most cases, more isn’t better. More is just more.

Real quality in commercial landscape management is driven by experienced and well-coordinated Landscape Professionals. Your landscape management plan will expand and contract the number of staff as needed (like an accordion), always seeking to achieve the best possible appearance for your property.


Special thanks to Jon from our Tampa location for the accordion analogy. It’s a really helpful way to think about how we staff our service teams across the seasons.

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Ideas for a Sustainable Landscape for Your Commercial Property

The idea of a “sustainable landscape” can mean many different things to many different people, but at its most basic level, the term refers to the practice of minimizing the utilization of non-renewable and non-native plant materials. Following are a few ideas to consider if you’re seeking to make your commercial landscaping more sustainable.

Landscapes Offer Many Benefits

Plants are essential for commercial landscaping, especially in urban areas. This includes not only trees but also small plants, bushes, flowering shrubs and grassy lawns. Trees and plants serve an important role in the protection of the environment as they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Additionally, trees provide shade and keep the property cooler during hot summers. Trees and plants also help with the prevention of erosion, minimize dust particles in the air, and filter water as it passes through the soil to the aquifer below.

Recycling and Composting

Recycling includes a practice identified as “grasscycling”—where you leave the grass clipping on the lawn after mowing, rather than bagging and removing them. The grass clippings decay quickly and, in result, release their nutrients be used again by the lawn. This practice reduces the need for additional fertilizers being used over the course of the year. In addition to grasscycling, you can implement a natural composting program in your mulching program by spreading a thin covering of bark over your planting beds and over tree roots.

Conserve Water

Most commercial properties will have an irrigation system to supplement their landscape’s watering needs. Any irrigation system, requires a continuous need for assessment in order to make sure that everything is functioning properly and that your sprinkler heads are distributing water equally throughout the property. With the help of a landscape management service professional, you can adjust the watering schedules to match the requirements of the plants and seasonal rainfall. Another important tool in conserving water is setting up a rainfall detection sensor. This will pause the irrigation system’s scheduled program when there is sufficient natural rainfall. Modern smart control systems make sure to water the plants only when it’s necessary, and will automatically adjust clocks and controllers based on recorded rainfall data. These systems can even be monitored and accessed remotely via smartphone apps.

Use Fertilizers and Pest Control Products Carefully

It is important to use only the most suitable products, in the right proportion, and at the right time of the year. Whenever you choose fertilizers and pest management products, always make sure to read and follow the instructions provided on the label. Apply only the recommended amount of fertilizer or pest management product. Applying in a larger than recommended amount will not result in a faster or more improved outcome. Makes sure you and your landscape service provider understand the impact of the products being used on the natural environment.

Protect the Waterfront from Plant Debris and Runoff

Fallen leaves, grass clippings, and fertilizers contain nutrients which can be beneficial to your grounds and landscaped spaces, but they may cause harm to water streams and ponds. After servicing your property, and especially after a spray application service, always make sure to clean paved surfaces and sweep the material back into your landscape and help protect the waterfront.

Yellowstone Landscape provides quality landscape care and maintenance for Southern landscapes from many locations across the region. Interested in having us take a look at your property’s landscape? You can connect with our team anytime.

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Use These Irrigation Trends for Landscape Maintenance

Conserving water is a top priority for commercial landscape service providers. We are always looking for technologies that save water, while providing sufficient water to the landscape. Unpredictable weather conditions increase the need to conserve water, especially during periods of summer heat and drought.

Technologies for Water Preservation

The commercial irrigation industry is constantly working on new technologies that help preserve water without impacting the service provider’s ability to keep our clients’ landscapes looking their best. Some of the most popular trends in smart irrigation are listed here.

Drip Irrigation

The most convenient and relatively low-tech irrigation method for landscaping is drip irrigation. This method is simple and straightforward. It drips water slowly and directly onto the roots of the plants by using a system of pipes and hoses. Drip irrigation doesn’t require sprinkler heads and rotors, so there’s no water wasted in overspray.

Drip irrigation is one of the most effective methods in conserving water, without affecting the watering needs of plants. This method helps avoid nutrient loss and improves the efficiency of watering plants by targeting specific areas, directly on the ground.

Rain Sensors and Wi-Fi Controlled Sensors

Rain sensors are useful when used in conjunction with new Wi-Fi sensor technology. Rain sensors collect data on how much rainfall your property has had recently and, when your system is setup correctly, your watering program will automatically adjust based on rainfall. This helps prevent overwatering and helps reduce your water bill. Wireless technology has made it easier than ever to control your irrigation system. Secure Wi-Fi access allows your irrigation system to be managed remotely, from anywhere in the world. Zones can be adjusted or turned off as needed, without having a technician dispatched to the property.

Evapotranspiration (ET) Based Sensors

Some controllers have evapotranspiration (ET) based sensors that work by measuring the amount of rainfall the landscape has received, along with the moisture that has accumulated in the soil. The sensors detect the moisture level of the plants and allocate water according to the nutrition they need to survive and thrive.  The use of ET based sensors have reduced water use for landscapes significantly, while still maintaining the health of the plants by measuring humidity, temperature, and moisture.

Water Consumption Audits

While not a new technological innovation, it’s still very important to conduct regular water consumption audits to determine how well your property’s irrigation system is working. Conducting regular audits will allow your landscaping service provider to identify and isolate any potential issues, and gather information on the amount of water used by the irrigation system. Audits performed at regular intervals help reduce the cost of water used for irrigation more than any other tool or technology.

For more helpful tips & advice on maintaining your commercial landscape check out other entries in our blog. Have specific questions about your property’s irrigation system or landscape service needs? Connect with us and our team will be happy to help.

Ways Landscaping Helps Your Bottom Line

Landscaping adds value to your commercial property and helps create a remarkable first impression for your clients, tenants, and customers. In this article, we’ll list some of the ways your landscape benefits your property.

Professionally designed plantings of trees, shrubs, flowers, and new grass can transform your site into a Class A looking property faster than any other capital investment. How does the process work? Ideas for improving the appearance of the property should be presented to you, long before a shovel touches the ground. The landscape professionals bring their own ideas to the table, and together with your vision and requirements, they help you create a plan to achieve your goals.

Make your Entrance Attractive

The entrance to your commercial property is the first thing people notice. To make a great impression on potential clients, customers and employees, invest in the services of a commercial landscaping company to enhance and maintain the appearance of the main entrance to your property. Colorful and tall plants near and around the main gate, sign, and driveway make these high profile areas look more appealing and more welcoming.

Add more Value to Your Property

Commercial properties require continued upkeep and maintenance. Adding native plants, trees, and flowering shrubs add value to the property by creating a more desirable and attractive space. Well-kept and maintained plants can increase your property’s value.

Mature trees with flower beds and turf maintained by experienced landscape management services will help your property stand out from competing properties for lease in the area. Flowers planted at the entry enhance the visual appearance of a property significantly, but trees add the most real value to a landscape. In the case of mature trees, they are an irreplaceable asset. A professional landscaping expert will help you create a landscape that delivers maximum return on your investment.

Attract Customers

Keeping your property neatly maintained at all times is key to attracting new customers to your commercial property. Regular landscape management services, including edging, trimming, fertilization, and mowing will keep your property looking its best and most attractive for new customers.

Creating Relaxing Spaces

Flowers, plants and shrubs in your commercial property’s landscape are ideal for creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere. Studies have shown that landscaped garden areas can further help in reducing stress and can even help relieve depression. The aroma, colors, and fresh air provided by plants and trees have a positive effect on our mental and physical health.

Allow our team of experts with Yellowstone Landscape provide all the needed guidance and planning to keep your commercial landscape looking it’s best. Connect with us now!

Congratulations Legacy of Leesburg!

We’re extremely proud to feature Legacy of Leesburg. This client partnered with us to manage their landscape 3 years ago. In that time, we’ve worked with the Board and Property Management to revitalize this beautiful community. And we’re proud to announce that all the hard work and planning has resulted in 2 landscape awards this year. Last month, the community was awarded a National Landscape Award of Excellence and we were recently able to accept another Landscape Award from the FNGLA during The Landscape Show in Orlando.

Legacy of Leesburg is an active retirement lifestyle community, located 45 minutes from Orlando, Florida. The community’s intent is to provide all the modern amenities active adults expect in a home, placed in a setting that encourages them to explore the natural beauty of central Florida.

The result is that nearly all of Legacy’s 1000 homes have a view of either a natural conservation area or one of the nineteen ponds that dot the community’s landscape. With over seven miles of maintained walking paths along thirteen trails, residents are frequently seen strolling in the shade of the hundreds of ancient oaks that were preserved during construction.

We’re honored to partner with the wonderful community and proud to share in their success.  Congratulations to everyone involved in the care of this award-winning community!

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